Sungrow SG5.0RT / SG7.0RT / SG10RT/ SG15RT/ SG20RT

Three-Phase String

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Introducing the latest innovation from Sungrow, the SG5.0RT/SG7.0RT/SG10RT/SG15RT/SG20RT multi-MPPT string inverter, designed for 1000 Vdc systems.

This new series offers enhanced features for maximum efficiency and ease of use. With compatibility for high-power PV modules and bifacial modules, it ensures optimal performance.

Key highlights include a built-in PID recovery function, smart IV curve scanning, and 24/7 live monitoring capabilities. The compact design, unique push-in connectors, and over-the-air firmware updates make installation and maintenance effortless.

With its advanced safety features, including arc fault circuit interrupter and Type II DC & AC SPD, combined with high anti-corrosion rating, it guarantees safe and durable operation in various environments.

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key features:


High Yield

This ensures optimal energy production with its advanced design, maximizing solar panel efficiency for greater overall yield.


Safe and Reliable

Integrated arc fault circuit interrupter and Type II DC&AC SPD provide robust protection against electrical faults and surges, ensuring system safety and reliability.


User-Friendly Setup

Plug-and-play installation and access to iSolarCloud monitoring platform offer convenience, while real-time data and 24/7 monitoring ensure easy system management.


Smart Management

With online IV curve scan and diagnosis, the inverter enables intelligent monitoring and management, optimizing performance for enhanced efficiency and longevity.

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