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The iStore 270L is a thermal energy storage unit that stores your excess solar energy and transforms it into hotwater for you to use when you need it.

It utilises intelligent technology to convert air into hot water, and can be compared to a 6 kW traditional battery system.

Storing your excess PV energy is effectively like having a premium feed-in tariff. Rather than purchasing electricity from your retailer ($0.25 to $0.40), you can store the extra energy your system has produced into the iStore for later use.

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key features:


Easy to Install

One of the best things about iStore hot water systems is that they are relatively simple to install. You can replace existing electric or gas storage systems with heat pumps without additional piping.


Solar Victoria Hot Water Rebate

Australian Federal Government Clean Energy Regulator approved, receive up to a $1,000 incentive once your iStore system is installed.


Significant Reduction in running costs

The iStore reduces energy consumption by two thirds when compared to conventional electric or gas storage systems, all while reducing the Co2 emissions of your home by as much as 4 tonnes annually.

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