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The REC Alpha Pure family offers top-notch solar panels designed for homes and businesses, packed with advanced technology to harness solar energy efficiently.

With REC's renowned quality, these panels deliver higher power density, appealing aesthetics, and minimal environmental impact. Featuring REC Alpha Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology, they ensure no power loss and greater energy production even in hotter conditions.

The innovative gapless cell layout captures more sunlight, boosting power density to an impressive 226 watts/m². REC Alpha panels are built with solder-free cells for durability and eco-friendliness, reducing the carbon footprint. Their super-strong frame withstands extreme loads up to 7000 Pa, ensuring high performance over the panel's lifetime.

REC Alpha Pure-R & Pure-RX models split into sections, maximizing energy production even in shade. Backed by REC ProTrust warranty, including 25-year product, performance, and labour coverage, these panels offer consumers unmatched savings, economic security, and energy independence. For those seeking the power of REC Alpha, reach out to certified REC Solar Professional installers for assistance.

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key features:


High Power Output: With a power output ranging from 400 to 430 watts peak (Wp), this solar panel delivers substantial energy generation capability, ensuring efficient power production for residential and commercial applications.


Exceptional Efficiency: Boasting an efficiency rating of up to 22.3%, the panel maximizes the conversion of sunlight into electricity, enhancing overall system performance and optimizing energy output.


Innovative Cell Technology: Featuring 80 half-cut REC bifacial, heterojunction cells with lead-free, gapless technology, the panel ensures reliable performance, durability, and environmental sustainability, making it a top choice for eco-conscious consumers seeking long-term solar solutions.

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