Fronius Symo Gen 24 3KW - 10KW

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The Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus is a hybrid inverter with power categories ranging from 3 to 10 kW, making it suitable for use in private households. With numerous features such as energy management functions, WLAN connectivity, and Ethernet connectivity, it is designed to cover all customer requirements. The GEN24 Plus is also equipped with backup power options, such as PV Point and full backup, making it highly reliable. It has a transformerless inverter design, a cooling system, and various protective devices. Compatible with the BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM, the inverter comes with a datalogger, webserver, and various interfaces.

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key features:


Integrated Multi Flow Technology

This feature ensures maximum flexibility in energy management, supporting both parallel and AC/DC coupled storage systems for optimal efficiency.


SnapINverter mounting system

Streamlines installation and servicing, reducing time and effort with a user-friendly design for quick mounting, dismounting, and replacement.


Dynamic Peak Manager

An advanced, intelligent algorithm that continuously adjusts the operating point, optimising energy production and mitigating the effects of shading.


Smart Grid compatibility

Fronius inverters are designed to be future-proof, seamlessly integrating with smart grids and ensuring smooth communication with energy providers for efficient load management.

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