SunPower Performance 3 DC 370W

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With a sleek black design that elegantly blends into any roof, the third-generation SunPower Performance 3 panel combines enhanced warranty terms with an expanded active cell area that delivers increased power and efficiency over previous generation panels.

Engineered for Performance
• Smaller cells stay cooler when shaded, extending panel life
• Advanced encapsulant minimizes degradation from environmental exposure
• Conductive adhesive defends against daily temperature swings
• Redundant cell connections create flexible paths for continuous electricity flow

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key features:


Durability that Translates to More Energy

Engineered to stand up to environmental stresses such as shading, daily temperature swings and high humidity, the SunPower Performance 3 panel delivers up to 7% more energy in the same space over 25 years compared to Conventional mono PERC Panels.


A Track Record of Innovation Leadership

SunPower Performance panels represent the most deployed shingled cell panel in the industry—innovation protected by a growing portfolio of patents worldwide.


A Better Product. A Better Warranty.

SunPower Performance panels are covered by our 25-year Complete Confidence Panel Warranty. Thanks to an innovative shingled cell design, Performance panels offer more energy and reliability over traditional front contact panels. SunPower Performance makes the conventional, exceptional.

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